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Vilamoura Marina elected Best International Marina in 2022

Awarding of the prize took place at the Southampton International Boat Show… The international recognition of the Vilamoura Marina has taken place year after year and this Wednesday was the sixth time that the Algarve infrastructure was awarded the award for best International Marina 2022, awarded by The Yatch Harbor Association. The winners of the various categories were announced at the Southampton International Boat Show 2022, which runs until the 25th of September at the Marina in Southampton, England. This is the result of a vote that ended on August 31, in which sailors had the opportunity to vote, in recent months, for their favorite marina. “The effort and commitment we dedicate to the constant improvement of the infrastructures and services provided, through the offer of high quality standards, is mirrored in this distinction that demonstrates the satisfaction of our customers from all over the world. Being able to take Portugal across borders and being distinguished, once again, at an international level is a source of great pride for us and the certainty that the way forward is this”, says Isolete Correia, Administrator of Vilamoura World, who was in England to receive the award. It should be noted that this is the sixth time that Vilamoura Marina has been recognized as the Best International Marina by The Yacht Harbor Association, having won the award, intended for marinas with five anchors, in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Why invest in real estate in Vilamoura??? ❖ Vilamoura is one of the largest recreation centres in Europe. The resort town is known for its natural beauty, warm climate, mineral springs and peaceful relaxation. The perfect place for seafood and wine lovers!!! ❖ Vilamoura is one of the leading tourist destinations in Portugal and is on the way of becoming one of the most popular in Europe. Golden beaches and crystal waters, numerous opportunities for sports and entertainment, luxury buildings and the internationally famous port, make it a modern city with extremely high life quality. Popular tourist destination ❖ Vilamoura welcomes more than 500,000 tourists a year, with the trend to increase. The resort offers opportunities for relaxation to those who seek peace in luxury and beautiful natural views, as well as to lovers of dynamic nightlife and water activities. ❖ Vilamoura is a modern and developed resort with 6 world-class golf courses, a tidy and comfortable road network and many green small parks. The world-renowned and prestigious Marina is a starting point for many adventures. Security for the real estate market ❖ The real estate market in Portugal is secure, requiring all necessary registrations in the process of purchasing. Relieved tax system and ease of bureaucracy ❖ Portugal has introduced many tax breaks to attract more investors. In this way, it stimulates the development of its economy. ❖ In 2004 inheritance tax has been removed and income tax outside the country is the most minimal. Fiscal benefits for retirees have been introduced. All this contributes to the interest in the Portuguese citizenship and business opportunities for the foreigners. ❖ Another option for foreigners coming to Portugal is to apply for Non-Habitual Residence. This tax status offers an exemption from income tax generated (passive income) outside the country during the 10 years of the program. ❖ To help the businesses even more, the government has drastically cut the bureaucracy.

High return on investment ❖ Property prices in Vilamoura can range from €3,000 EUR per square meter, depending on how luxurious they are. ❖ The return on investment from rents in Portugal is one of the highest in Europe. According to statistics, gross rental income varies from 5% to 12%. Safe place for a new home ❖ Post pandemic, many families have an interest in becoming citizens of the safest countries in the world. The Portuguese government is working hard for good living conditions. Portuguese citizenship is preferred because of support programs, tax breaks and security. Good time for investment ❖ Since the real estate crisis in 2014, property prices in Algarve rose 14.7%. Despite the increase, properties in Vilamoura are continuing to attract foreign investors. ❖ Trends are showing that the prices are going their rise. Given the values of the euro, this is a good period for investing in real estate. Quality of life ❖ Algarve is one of the best destinations for living, investing, retiring and implementing projects. A well-arranged health system, good internet, low costs and safety contribute to the high quality of life. ❖ Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe with more than 300 sunny days a year. Clean air and beautiful nature are one of the priceless riches of this area. Link to schedule call on Calendly

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