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Virtual Home Buying Program


1. Virtual Consult:

We have an online face-to face meeting. We chat about what you are looking for and talk strategy.

2. Financing Approval:

I introduce you to my best bank proposals or agents to get you approved quickly.

3. Choose Your New Home:

Working Together to find Your Home... I set up your online search and you choose your favorites, allowing you to view homes AS THEY HIT THE MARKET.

Virtual Home Tours... We virtually walk through the properties with you by a) FaceTime or Zoom in real time or b) I record a video and send it to you.

Schedule a viewing to any property and visit without leaving the comfort of your home through video... Your very own PERSONAL and EXCLUSIVE virtual tour!!!

View Homes... If you have been in quarantine or self-isolating for 2+ weeks, AND you have seen the videos and all property information, we can view properties, observing health and safety protocols, which I will review with you.

4. Writing the Offer:

Reviewing terms and conditions over the phone, I will send the final documents to you for your approval and / or electronic signature.

5. Inspections and Research:

I have highly recommended inspectors that I will refer to you. I attend inspection walkthrough on your behalf. Inspections can include a real time video walkthrough and full, detailed report and answering all questions you may have.

6. Subject Removal:

Ready to Say Yes???... All of your questions are answered, and you want to move forward, this step means the property is yours!!!

7. This deposit holds your offer until Completion and Possession. I will send you direct deposit instructions for you to transfer funds until CPCV is signed.

8. Sign CPCV:

“CPCV” (Contrato Promessa de Compra e Venda) is an acronym known as a promissory purchase and sale contract, it works as a way to streamline the formalization of the deed of purchase and sale that consumes the business.

9. Completion / Possession:

Completion... Meet with Notary to sign the purchase deed.

Possession... KEY DAY... Welcome to your new home!!!

The world will no longer be Online or Offline, it will be Hybrid and, above all, GLOBAL.

I have been working towards this goal for almost 20 years. You can count on a Hybrid professional, true international customer loyalty channels, services that help my clients in any and all needs they may have directly or indirectly related to the real estate world.

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