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Eating for 7 euros and drinking for two… Porto is the seventh cheapest city in the world for tourist

Porto ranks seventh among the most accessible cities in the world to visit in 2021, ahead of Lisbon, which follows in 15th. Meal and overnight prices are some of the criteria in this ranking.

The city of Porto is among the most accessible in the world for a tourist getaway in 2021, according to the "City Break Cost Index 2021", placed "this wide open lap to the river" in seventh in the ranking, which analyzed 75 cities popular with travellers.

Buenos Aires (Argentina) took Porto in the list of the most accessible cities for tourism, followed by Istanbul (Turkey), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Krakow (Poland) and Moscow (Russia).

The list is based on the analysis of a series of relevant costs when choosing a tourist destination, namely the prices of a night in a hotel and a meal in a restaurant. So, sleeping in a hotel in the city of Invicta costs 131 dollars (109 euros), lunch or dinner in a restaurant costs 8.56 dollars (7.17 euros), a beer costs 2.44 dollars (2.05 euros) and a bottle for wine 4.89 dollars (4.10 euros) - all average prices. To buy a ticket on public transport in Porto, it only costs 1.37 euros and the price per kilometer by taxi is 51 cents.

A little down the table, Portugal appears again represented, with Lisbon in 15th place. In the Portuguese capital, the average price for a night in a hotel is 124 euros, there are meals in restaurants for just over 9, and a beer and a bottle of wine cost, respectively, 1.86 and 4.10 euros. like in Porto. The transport ticket costs 1.64 dollars (1.37 euros) and the taxi fare - the only criterion in which the price in Lisbon is lower than in Porto - is 64 cents (.54euros).

More expensive than Porto, and cheaper than Lisbon, cities such as Budapest, Hungary, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Santiago, Chile, Cape Town, South Africa, Prague, Czech Republic, Las Palmas were elected in this Index, in Spain, and Marrakesh, in Morocco. In turn, Lisbon was ahead of several Spanish cities, such as Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Alicante and Madrid.

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