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Golf in Portugal - The Faldo Golf Course - Algarve..

When it comes to golfing, Portugal has always been a favourite amongst Northern European golfers. With its excellent climate and a big concentration of golf courses in the popular Algarve, it’s not hard to understand why Portugal is so popular.

The course is designed by Sir Nick Faldo with strategic play in mind. This 6598m Par 72 Championship course demands careful positioning to score well. The diversity in cacti, wild herbs and Spartan holm oaks, makes this golf course a unique and challenging test. The Faldo Golf Course is located in Alcantarilha, Algarve, Portugal. The Algarve is known as one of the most attractive regions in Europe to play golf. The region has many high quality golf courses, designed by famous golf architects. For the golfer who is looking for an exclusive golf holiday, Algarve golf resorts are among the best in the world.

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