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Golf in Portugal - Vidago Golf Course - The Latest Jewel of the North

When it comes to golfing, Portugal has always been a favourite amongst Northern European golfers. With its excellent climate and a big concentration of golf courses in the popular Algarve, it’s not hard to understand why Portugal is so popular.

Vidago golf course, in the north of Portugal, is located at one hour drive from Oporto and 15 min. from Chaves, near the Spanish border.

The Vidago golf course was redesigned by Cameron & Powell in 2010, specialists on McKenzie Ross design. The original 9-holes of Vidago built in 1936 by Mckenzie Ross, were integrated is this new 18-holes layout.

The extension of the Vidago golf course from 9 to 18 holes was developed to meet USGA specifications for greens and tees, making it a potential venue for international championships.

Vidago Golf course has retained the integrity of the original design and to faithfully reflect the aesthetics, playability, spirit & character of the site.

A gorgeous Park golf course...

The Vidago Golf course, north of Portugal, expands from a magnificent park, with centenary trees, through the small Oura Valley, allowing great scenic views over the valley and its natural beauty.

The features of the Vidago golf course, 60 min. drive from Porto, are the elevated tees and greens, were the tee boxes are built with stone walls, strategic bunker positioning and greens that demand a sharp eye to read the slopes.

The first 4 holes of Vidago golf course are played in a relatively flat area in the Vidago valley. The last 3 finishing holes are breathtaking, built on sloppy land with fantastic views on the natural surroundings, the Vidago Palace and the distant villages. Each of the last 9-holes is completely different from the one before, giving golfers the opportunity to deploy their full range of shots.

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