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King Cod...

They say Portugal has 365 recipes for cooking salt cod. In fact, there are many more...

Bacalhau is served "Á bras" with scrambled eggs, olives and fries; as fish cakes (pasteis de bacalhau) alongside black-eyed-peas; barbequed, oven-baked or simply boiled with cabbage and carrots, then drizzled in olive oil.

Crumbled with cornbread in the university city of Coimbra, baked under mayonnaise Ze-do-Pipo-style in Porto, chopped into a favorite Lisbon salad with chickpeas and onion, bacalhau is always close to the Portuguese

With so many choices available in foods and wines, calling Portugal your second (or even main) home will ensure you can regularly enjoy an amazing gastronomic experience.

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