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Most important factors for property buyers in Portugal

Local Factors:

1) Proximity to a beach 86%

2) Proximity to amenities 85%

3) Proximity to a major airport 75%

Property Features:

1) High speed internet 97%

2) A good view 84%

3) Swimming pool 77%

Environmental Features:

1) Energy efficient 77%

2) Renewable energy sources 57%

3) Sustainable building materials 52%

Golf remains a key driver: Buyers in Portugal value proximity to golf...

How important are the following factors to buyers when considering where to purchase???...

Portugal is popular among British and Irish second home buyers...

Demand for second homes in Portugal remains high among Brits, accounting for half (47%) of those surveyed looking to buy a second home in Portugal. Irish and Portuguese buyers account for the next largest share, with 15% each.

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